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Here is my 2013 3d Showreel.  

This is my Multi-Award Winning animated short Complicit.  I pretty much did everything bar the 3d animation which was done by Eoin Coakley.

This is a film I worked on for a few months in 2013 with Brown Bag using Maya and Nuke.  I was primarily modelling, texturing and concept lighting.  I was only credited for modelling and texturing.

This is my first year Award Winning Film for my animation degree.  I was technical director and done the majority of the 3d work and all the compositing.


Here are some 3d Animated Golf Courses I created while working created back in 2002.  They still hold up today were very good back when I made them. Top right (Royal Dublin) and bottom left (Ballybunion) are actual golf course created from 3d survey.  The other 2 were concepts created from contours supplied by golf architects. 

 Here are some Architectural Models I have created over the years.  They were created in 3dsmax, using mental ray, and photoshop.

 Heres an industry test that I textured and lit for a position at Brown Bag films.


Some rigs I created:

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Gavin Hoffman

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