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My blog will continue on my new website:

I have discontinued posting here as I have a new website. Go check it out!!
Recent posts

Quick turn around advert

An Advert I worked on.  The turn around on this was very fast (3 days!).  I did the tracking, composited the 33% shot and did the 3d for the last shot.

After Effects Animation

This is promotional material created for Wicklow Goal, Ireland.  It was made using after effects using a single photo.

Bord Na Mona corporate video

A project I worked doing some 3d.  I did the turf and sticks in the sky shots.


An advert I worked on.  I was doing cleanup using 3d projection in Nuke.

Another Advert I worked on compositing with Nuke

I worked on this doing cleanup and stabilization on several shots

Safefood advert

Another advert I worked on doing some prop modeling using Maya